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National light rare earths strategy for purchasing or launched in September_SHENYANG GENERAL MAGNETIC CO.,LTD
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National light rare earths strategy for purchasing or launched in September

  Establish national strategic reserve system, continues to control the scale of production. Will build a rare earth zen state slightly reserve system in our country, the implementation of the rare earth source reserves, reserves and products designated the first 11 mining rare earth state planning, completed in rare earth resources on planning (mining) special planning. In addition, in principle continue to stop accepting new rare-earth exploration, exploitation of application for registration and prohibited expanding capacity of existing mines. Review has exploration licenses and mining licenses, issued by the legal mining companies list publish to the society.

  Adjust the industrial structure, promote the healthy development of the industry. Our government will strictly control the total rare earth smelting separation even in addition to the merger and reorganization, optimizing the layout approved by the state, stop to approve new rare earth smelting separation items ban on rare earth smelting separation existing projects to expand the scale of production. Speed up the development of high-performance rare earth magnetic materials, luminescent materials, hydrogen storage materials, catalytic materials of rare earth new materials and devices, encourage the development of high technology content, high value-added rare earth application industries.

  Resources is abundant, but the excessive resources development and utilization. At present, China, with 23% of the rare earths market supply for more than 90% of the world. Chinas production of rare earth permanent magnet materials, luminescent materials, hydrogen storage material, polishing materials were accounted for more than 70% of world production. However, mining rich abandon poor, easy to abandon difficult phenomenon serious, resource recovery rate is low, the south of ionic type rare earth resources mining recovery rate less than 50%, utilization rate of baotou rare earth mine selecting only 10%. So intensive mining, which leads to the declining reserves of rare earth resources and safeguard life of the main mining area resources to accelerate the attenuation, the original mining resources are dried up.

  Increase the intensity of rare earth mining environmental protection. Establish rare earth industry is being studied at present, the risk assessment system, and has been clear about the rare earth production enterprises ammonia nitrogen and chemical oxygen demand (cod), phosphorus, fluorine, thorium, heavy metals and pollutants such as sulfur dioxide, chlorine gas and particulate matter emissions limits; Rare earth projects built, expanded or rebuilt must respond to the environmental impact of analysis, prediction and assessment, and put forward to prevent and reduce the environmental impact of countermeasures and measures, through the eia may not be implemented.

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